Founders Can Take Vacations Too: Why Breaks are Crucial For Performance

Founders vacations

Remember vacations? Time out, beachside cocktails, relaxing vistas… For many startup founders, vacations are a distant memory, something that other people get to do because we simply don’t have time for that. Our own teams are afforded nice vacation packages, but if we were to take them, who’s left steering the ship? It’s not just […]

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ZenFounder Couple Retreat Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2017

Being an entrepreneur can be a tough, lonely life. That’s why we created ZenTribes. But one thing we hear from entrepreneurs over and over (ourselves included) is that the highs and lows, struggles and successes of entrepreneurship can also put a strain on our families. A large-scale study of mental health in entrepreneurs found that entrepreneurs and their spouses […]

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