Episode 151: How to Reinvent Yourself with Ryan Tansom

Ryan Tansom

Sherry interviews Ryan Tansom of Life After Business podcast about the experience selling of his business. They discuss the process and pain he went through and the way those tough experiences spawned his new business. He’s built a second act aimed at helping entrepreneurs make their exit a success. Ryan’s website, My Solidity Support ZenFounder Episode Transcript […]

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Episode 130: Founder Origin Stories: Clay Collins

In this episode of the Founder Origin Stories, Sherry interviews Clay Collins a co-founder of Leadpages. They talk about his early entrepreneurial endeavors, his departure from Leadpages, and his hopes for the future. Support ZenFounder Episode Transcript Speaker 1: This week in our continuing founder origins series, Sherry interviews Clay Collins, the co-founder and former […]

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