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How We Help

One-On-One Consulting

Getting what YOU need

You don’t have to hold everything together on your own. Join me for a series of personalized, confidential conversations designed to help you gain insight, identify potential problems and double down on your strengths. There's not a rote protocol for everyone - I am a master at pattern recognition and intuitive listening. Our time will be designed around what you most need need.

Problem Solving

Do you need an objective person to help you think through a current problem? Whether to make a hire, how to change a habit, understand why you're so upset about getting criticized on twitter... Lots of things have the power to occupy  space in our minds. My job is to tinker with the inner-workings until you have a new perspective. This is a quick, short-term, "let's get unstuck" series of problem solving conversations.

Direction Seeking

What do you do when the old answers are no longer the best answers? How do you know what to change? Whether you're considering a big shift, or you simply need a fresh  perspective about what's most meaningful, I'm here to help you think through the big picture as well as the specific strategies that will help you get to where you want to go.

Mindset Overhaul

In this model, I become part of your team. I'll learn your business, your origin story, and develop a sense of how you work personally and professionally. My job is to help you spot potential problems, and help you stay emotionally and relationally healthy. We can meet monthly or around a schedule that works for you. I'm on speed dial. This a long term, in-depth investment in your mindset and mental well-being.

Problem Solving

    • 3-session focused problem solving
  • Do you need an expert sounding board to think through a specific problem?

    Do you need immediate strategies to manage your anxiety? Sleep better? Handle a difficult team member? Make a time-sensitive decision? Better handle challenges at home?

    In three sessions, Dr. Sherry will provide strategies that you can implement immediately. She listens with insight, expertise and a friendly presence and works with you to find the best direction.

    Sessions can be scheduled around your needs (all in the same week or spread out over months). Remote or in-person options available.

Direction Seeking

    • 7-session deep drive
  • Are you in the midst of a big decision? Should you quit your job? Change your role? Sell your company? Uncertain of where to go next?

    Are you feeling the fatigue of burnout? Does it feel like things are imploding in your business? Falling apart at home?

    Do you find yourself repeating the same destructive patterns and less-than ideal decisions?

    In this consulting engagement, Dr. Sherry will help you dig deep and gain insight into the motivations and misperceptions that are keeping you stuck. She’ll use her expertise and experience to help you get back on track or forge a new path.

Mindset Overhaul

    • 12-session ongoing support for your business and your life
  • You have a dentist, a barber or stylist, a drycleaner and a mechanic. You have ongoing relationships with subject-matter experts.

    Dr. Sherry can be your mental game strategist. She’ll become an expert on you and how you run your business.

    A monthly session with Sherry ensures that you don’t drift too far from your personal and business goals. She becomes part of your team- helping to make your mind, your life and your business run smoothly.

How is Consulting Different than Psychotherapy?

In addition to the consulting work she does through ZenFounder, Sherry is a licensed clinical psychologist in California and Minnesota. While there are similarities between consulting and psychotherapy (or counseling), they are different and it is important that you understand the distinctions (and understand what you're signing up for).

Psychotherapy is a health care service and is usually reimbursable through health insurance. It is focused on identification, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. That means a focus on alleviating symptoms, understanding the underlying dynamics which create symptoms, and developing new strategies for successfully coping with mental illness. The psychotherapy relationship tends toward "doctor-patient."

This is not true for consulting. A consulting relationship is designed to give you support and strategies to reach your self-identified goals. It is less "clinical" and does not involve a formal diagnosis or a treatment plan. The consulting relationship is collaborative and less formal (though both . Both activities use knowledge of human behavior, motivation, relationship patterns, and psychological research.  The major differences are in the goals, focus, and level of professional responsibility.


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