Partnership Support

Let’s be honest. Relationships are hard. We’re here to help you keep your partnerships healthy and rewarding.

Business partnerships

Nothing can negatively impact the functioning of a business faster than the presence of dysfunction between the co-founders. Poor communication, resentment, jealousy, negativity, passive aggressive moments… we’ll help you short that sh*t out before it wreaks havoc on your business.

We’ve spent a lot of time working with co-founders and we understand best practices as well as the human complexity that goes into humans being human.  Here’s a sample of co-founder conversations from the podcast.

We don’t judge and we don’t take sides. We listen with warmth and neutrality and we help you get to the bottom of what’s going wrong and how to fix it.

Marriage and family

Most of us don’t function well at work when there is trouble at home. Most of us don’t function well at home when there’s trouble at work. Healthy relationships are central to our mission.

We host an annual couples retreat to help couples tackle the unique relationship challenges that often accompany the entrepreneurial life.

We also offer individualized consultation to help ease the cycle of stress: business stress becomes family stress which creates more business stress and so on.

Challenges with parenting? Struggling to manage two careers in one house? Having difficulty finding time for romance? Are resentments building up about the amount of time being devoted to business? Are you business partners and life partners and find it tough to balance both identities?

Our team of experts will help you and your partner identify existing or potential problems, provide you with a set of actionable recommendations, and stick around to support you while you implement new patterns.