It is hard to run a digital services company

Has this happened to you?

You use your best “talk ‘em-off the ledge” voice to soothe a ruffled client. You transition immediately to motivational coach/first grade teacher to help your team figure out a botch tangle of missed communication. You cut that conversation short to run into a meeting wearing your CEO hat to talk budgets and payroll with your business partner.

I call that Tuesday.
Running an agency requires a lot of shifting, a lot of personas. It is a lot of pressure.

Over the last 20 years and 5 agencies I was a CEO at work, and then marched into the living room and tried to CEO at home. I’ve been divorced twice. So that personal strategy didn’t work out that well.

Thankfully there’s still time to teach this old dog new tricks.

I’ve teamed up with Dr. Sherry Walling, a clinical psychologist, to create what I wish I’d had ten years ago. So in collaboration with the Bureau of Digital, we’re excited to bring to life ZenTribe 3: Digital Services Edition.

ZenTribe 3 Digital Services Edition is a group of 8 agency owners like you, who decide to join Sherry and I for 8 weekly sessions to improve their personal well-being, as well as the health of their agencies. It is a confidential place to figure out how to make life better.

The purpose is to:

  • Offer the place, people, time, and guidance to work through the unique struggles and challenges you experience as an agency owner
  • Build and deepen your relationships with a small group of like-minded people
  • Learn to work better, more efficiently, with more satisfaction
  • Provide practical tools to deal with anxiety and negative voices
  • Support to implement specific, practical strategies for streamlining your team and improving your leadership
  • Equip you to have ongoing, meaningful self-reflection and self-care practices
  • Help you streamline the integration of your work and personal life

More than a peer support group or business mastermind, a ZenTribe group offers content curated by Dr. Sherry Walling ( She’s an expert in helping high performing professionals manage stress, interpersonal interactions, focus, and overall personal wellness. In addition to being ridiculously well-trained as a psychologist, she’s been part of the tech world for 17 years. As the co-facilitator, I bring my many years as a multiple agency founder and current CEO at Crowd Favorite that was formed by bringing 3 agencies together.

We’ll meet on Friday mornings from 11 to 12:30 CST. (9-10:30 PST) Our first meeting is on August 25th and we’ll meet each week for 8 weeks (last meeting October 13).

Intrigued? Secure your place here. Registration is open until August 15.


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