Entrepreneurship is a tough, demanding, often lonely job.

It’s filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

And the hardest part … most of your friends and family don’t understand the unique demands, responsibilities, pressures, stresses, worries and pains of entrepreneurship.

So not only is it a tough sport … it becomes an intensely lonely one too, compounding the problems, as you try to balance marriages, parenting, and a host of other things in life.

Too often we entrepreneurs just bottle all this up. We put on masks. We put on a smile, despite the adversity we deal with daily. We suffer in secret while maintaining a facade of success.

But what if you had a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, dealing with the same issues?

What if you could share openly, honestly, your struggles? What if the other folks just got you?

What if you had practical tools to deal with anxiety and debilitating worry?

What if you knew the early warning signs of burnout and could recharge yourself before it’s too late?

What if you could move beyond teetering precariously between work and personal life and instead enjoy a sense of balance and integration?

What if you had a small group of trusted and like-minded peers who could encourage and build you up for 90 minutes every week?

If this is you, then we’ve created something JUST for you.

It’s called ZenTribes.

Being part of a community, having a small band of friends… this is the MOST POWERFUL protection we have against our lives falling apart in a crisis.

We are social creatures. Even the most introverted among us needs a buddy or two once in awhile. And many of us find our connections to other people to be among the most satisfying parts of our lives.

We want to make this a central part of our work. We can’t think of anything more important.

Join Us

We announced ZenTribes at the beginning of June. We were hoping to connect with enough people that we could create Tribe1. So many folks responded, that we’ve  formed Tribe2 .

We want to make this a central part of our work. We can’t think of anything more important.

If you’re intrigued… if you want in… Reach out. We’ll make sure you’re in a group beginning in September.