Being an entrepreneur can be a tough, lonely life. That’s why we created ZenTribes.

But one thing we hear from entrepreneurs over and over (ourselves included) is that the highs and lows, struggles and successes of entrepreneurship can also put a strain on our families.

A large-scale study of mental health in entrepreneurs found that entrepreneurs and their spouses were more likely to be prescribed anxiety medication than a matched control group of 9 to 5ers (non-entrepreneurs). Entering entrepreneurship is a big stressor for the entrepreneurs and their significant others.

Of course it isn’t all bad, many entrepreneurial families have figured out how to thrive.

That’s why we’re planning our first ZenFounder Couples Retreat Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2017.

It’ll be two and a half days of quality time, in a beautiful place, surrounded by a small group of entrepreneurs and better halves. We’ll gather from all over the country to rest, connect and reflect on the unique relationship challenges that are part of the entrepreneurial life.

But this is not a business retreat or meeting. It’s a dedicated time to talk about  common problems and how we can all make our relationships more satisfying.

That’s not to say that this event won’t benefit your business- a happy, connected family means that there’s less stress in life, and more energy to be on your game in at work.

We’ll meet as a group and share meals together, but we’ll also carve off time for each couple to relax and be together.

This is your chance to focus on each other, while making new friendships and connecting with folks to “get” the entrepreneurial life.

You’ll have three awesome founder couples facilitating the retreat:

  • The Wallings — married 17 years, two children
    • Sherry Walling — a Ph.D. psychologist who’s worked extensively with entrepreneurs and their spouses, founder of ZenFounder
    • Rob Walling — serial entrepreneur and co-founder of MicroConf, Drip and and a handful of other cool companies
  • The Millers — married 6 years, two children
    • Cory Miller — co-founder of iThemes and The Div, Inc.
    • Lindsey Miller — partner manager at Liquid Web, previously founded her own political fundraising company
  • The Heskeths — married 22 years, three children
    • Shawn Hesketh — creator of WP101, the popular WordPress video tutorial series for beginners
    • Kay Hesketh — a former 8th grade science teacher, she worked alongside Shawn in their business, and now home schools their children

We want this to be a small, intimate gathering so we’re capping the weekend at 15 couples.

If you’ve got kids, book the grandparents or a babysitter now.

If you want to extend it into a vacation, pencil in a couple of days after Oct. 1 too.

If you have other couple friends you’d like to join you, tell them to save the date with you.


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