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Date Night: A Video Boot Camp for Founders and Their Significant Others

A vibrant, supportive relationship with your significant other requires time, creativity, energy, and attention.

As an entrepreneur, you're particularly short on these resources.

That's why we created this video course designed specifically to shortcut the process of connecting and engaging with your partner.

OK, I want in!

This meticulously-architected boot camp includes:

Professionally-produced videos outlining 6 dates with your better half

Guides for 6 curated conversations

6 ways to grow closer in your most important relationship

"Between the two of us, Rob and I have five businesses, two podcasts, three books, two blogs, dozens of speaking engagements, and run several in-person events."

...add three children in three different schools who play three different instruments and have three different sets of friends and different medical needs and unique dietary preferences and OMG....

If you’re like Rob and I, you have a lot going on.

It can be extremely challenging to find the time and energy to invest in our relationship.  Some days our best connection is a high-five as we pass each other coming and going.

That’s okay sometimes - but a successful relationship can’t survive on high-fives and 2-minute conversations. And a thriving relationship is the foundation on which everything else is built.

Life is FULL, and I’m guessing you’re in a similar situation.

You and your significant other have your own list of professional and personal activities that consume your days. You have full minds and full schedules.

This is why we decided to create a tool to help you make connection, communication and delight a lot easier.

The Founder Date Night Boot Camp is a series of six information-packed
20-minute videos, each with an accompanying conversation guide.

This course is designed to help you “check-up” on important aspects of your partnership. Like a trip to the mechanic or the primary care physician, this “check-up” helps to make sure that you’re healthy in the most important areas. It also helps you to be aware of potential blind spots or vulnerabilities that might need extra attention or professional support.

This course is also designed to give you relationship tools to help you offset the unique stressors of running a business.

We combine the best of relationship science with Sherry’s psychological expertise, our 18-year marriage, and our years working directly with entrepreneurs and their families.

We focus on emotional connection and communication. These are aspects of the relationship that must be firmly in place to endure the roller coaster of ups and downs that make up the entrepreneurial life.

This course is also intended to be fun. Go on a date and have some interesting, out-of-the-norm conversations with the one you love.

This course combines our decades of entrepreneurial and psychological expertise into an easy-to-consume package designed for busy founders.

How does it work?

  1. Plan 6 dates. Dinner, coffee, a hike, an undistracted evening-in.
  2. Watch the 20-minute video at the beginning of the date, ideally together.
  3. Carve out an hour to talk through the content using the prompts and questions included in the conversation guide.

Who is it for?

  • Couples in a long-term commitment
  • Same sex and heterosexual couples
  • Both parents and non-parents
  • Couples who work together and couples who work separately

What will I take away?

  • Specific tactics to optimize connection in the midst of busy schedules
  • 5 concrete strategies to help you balance time together and time alone
  • How to keep your relationship safe by learning to “fight fair”
  • A framework for overcoming hurt
  • Ideas to help keep your business from dominating your relationship life
  • 3 simple things that can kill your sex life (and how to avoid them)
  • A mechanism for getting on the same page about the values that guide your daily lives
  • How to permanently ban boredom from your relationship
  • How being the best version of your individual selves can make you the ultimate power couple

How much does it cost?

Learn our best strategies from decades of experience for only $149.

...less than the price of a nice dinner and a night at the movies

...less than a session of couples therapy with a licensed professional

...less than a divorce (okay, that's dramatic - but true)