How We Help


Our startup services are geared toward entrepreneurs who are running a business making $500,000 to $2.5 million, typically with the support of a small team. All members of our team have experience with this size business. We get the growing pains, the management challenges, and the need to stay on top of your game.


Individual Consulting

You don’t have to hold everything together on your own. Join me for a series of personalized, confidential conversations designed to help you identify potential problems or solve problems that are flaring up. Through the powerful pairing of psychological training and entrepreneurial experience, I can support you in every part of your personal and professional life.

We’ll begin with an assessment that encompasses work and personal life. I will then provide feedback to help you identify your pain points and the causes underlying them. Next we’ll outline strategies and I’ll offer some options for additional support (including the possibility of ongoing consulting with me).

I don’t use a standard “package”- everything we do is tailored to you and your needs.


Group Consulting: ZenTribes

ZenTribes are forming all the time. We create a small group of entrepreneurs and structure a curated group designed to help you maximize your mental health, business productivity, and relationship satisfaction. Learn more about our tribes here.

Looking for a specific experience? A women’s group? A group for CEOs of service businesses? A group for folks in the process of a sale or merger? Let us know and we’ll do our best to create the right group for you.


Team Consulting

Whether you are shoulder to shoulder around a table, or distributed around the world, the health of your team will make or break the success of your business. Let us help you work well together.

With our powerful combination of advanced psychological training and years of business expertise, we will assess your team, address existing or potential weaknesses, provide you with a set of actionable recommendations, and stick around to support you while you implement new patterns.

We can meet with your team virtually or come onsite for face-to-face support.


Retreat Planning and Hosting

At ZenFounder, we believe that taking regularly scheduled retreats is one of the best things you can do for your sanity, your relationships and your business. We want to help.

We’ve written a brief guide to founder retreats to get you started.

But we can do so much more. We offer personalized retreat planning for your individual retreat, a retreat for you and your spouse, or a cofounder retreat.

Before you go, we’ll help you identify the specific questions to reflect on. We’ll provide you with strategies to help you organize your time. We’ll schedule a mid-retreat conversation to help you deepen your reflections or adjust your tactics. We’ll also debrief with you and help you reform epiphanies into actionable strategies.

Want us to organize all the details and make your travel plans? We can do that too.

Does your team need a group retreat? We’ll come onsite and structure the retreat around your team’s needs.

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Crisis or Trauma

Sometimes terrible things happen. If you experience the sudden death or serious injury of a team member, an incident of violence, a suicide in your business community, some other unthinkable event…this is when you need a mental health professional with expertise in trauma.

We come alongside you when the worst happens. We’ll provide psychological support and immediate strategies to keep you and your business afloat. We’ll make recommendations about long-term recovery and support you while you put the pieces back together.


Merger and Acquisition Support

Maybe an exit is your dream come true. Maybe you’re stoked to acquire another team who will make all the difference in your business leveling up. Maybe you’ve found yourself in the position of needing to sell or shut down.

Mergers and acquisitions are among the most stressful events an entrepreneur will experience (even if it’s a transition that you’re happy about). We know. We’ve done it.

We can help. Whether it’s supporting you and your family through the stress of a merger or helping you make two teams into one, our unique combination of advanced psychological training and extensive business expertise can be a game-changer in making M&A transitions much less painful and much more successful.


Marriage and Family

The well-being of your business depends on you. Most of us don’t function well at work when there is trouble at home. Most of us don’t function well at home when there’s trouble at work. Healthy relationships are central to our mission.

We host an annual couples retreat to help couples tackle the unique relationship challenges that often accompany the entrepreneurial life.

We also offer individualized consultation to help ease the cycle of stress: business stress becomes family stress which creates more business stress and so on.

Challenges with parenting? Struggling to manage two careers in one house? Having difficulty finding time for romance? Are resentments building up about the amount of time being devoted to business?

Our team of experts will help you and your partner identify existing or potential problems, provide you with a set of actionable recommendations, and stick around to support you while you implement new patterns.

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