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Managing family life while growing a business is challenging.

At times, it can feel like a chaotic juggling act between the needs of your family and the demands of a growing business. But does it have to?

For business owners with kids, days can often be a careful juggling act between work and family life. Business calls, email, and meetings must be scheduled around school activities, swimming lessons, and trips to the doctor.

Business-owning parents become highly adept at planning and strategy. But at times, we devolve into sleep-deprived automatons who barely get from one activity to the next... forget about on time.

Sometimes it can feel like you're barely surviving... let alone thriving. Or, that time spent running your company takes away from raising a healthy family. Is it possible to be successful at both?

That's why we created FounderFamilies - a small group of entrepreneurial parents just like you, dealing with the same issues, sharing and learning from each other.

What if you had a safe space to share openly and honestly about your struggles, with other like-minded entrepreneurs who understand and ‘get you?’

What practical tools can you use to create a stronger ‘home game’ — one that actually gives you energy to become even more impactful at work?

How do you create peace and calm for busy, stressed families who are constantly on the go?

How can you “show up” for your partner, connect with your kids, and cultivate your business?

How do you raise entrepreneurial kids and parent for creativity, curiosity, hard work, and autonomy?

How can you create meaning and a clear sense of purpose for your family?

We’ve created something just for you and your partner. It's called FounderFamilies.

What is FounderFamilies?

FounderFamilies is a series of 8 group conversations, held twice monthly, about how to parent well, be a good partner, and run a business. FounderFamilies are facilitated by psychologist Dr. Sherry Walling (, along with Shawn & Kay Hesketh (of WP101).

The purpose of FounderFamilies is to:

  • Offer the place, people, time, and guidance to tackle the unique struggles and challenges you experience as an entrepreneur and a parent.
  • Build meaningful, long-lasting friendships with other like-minded entrepreneurs and parents.
  • Equip you to create a healthy family culture where each family member feels connected.
  • Help you to “show up” for your partner, your kids, and your business.
  • Give you scientifically-sound strategies to create calm for busy, stressed families.
  • Help you discover your unique parenting style, and leverage your strengths to parent even better.
  • Help you move beyond mere “work/life balance” to a more integrated approach to life.
  • Help you articulate your family's meaning and purpose, and keep that “why” at the forefront of your family life.

FounderFamilies Starts in January

We are now accepting applications for the very first FounderFamilies group.

Each FounderFamilies group is capped at just 4 families — 8 people, in addition to your facilitators. We’ll meet online (via Zoom), every other week. This group is intended for couples to attend together.

When are the 8 meetings?

To accommodate childrens' bedtimes and ensure both parents can attend, we will meet every other Wednesday from 8 PM to 9:30 PM CST, beginning in January, and running through April.

The Meeting Format

Each meeting lasts 90 minutes. We begin with a round of check-ins, during which each participant shares a brief reflection about the current moment or challenge from the previous week. Then, the heart of the meeting is a 45-minute guided discussion by Dr. Sherry Walling around the central topic for that week. Each meeting concludes with practical application or ‘homework’ you can practice during the following week. Of course, there is always ample time to discuss your specific questions.

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What Topics Will Be Discussed?

We'll tackle the key challenges and issues that affect YOU as an entrepreneurial parent. We will tailor the exact content of the group around the unique needs of the participants. With that as background, here are some of the topics we've prepared to discuss with Dr. Sherry Walling:

Week 1: Becoming a Group - Introduction and foundation. What will make this a win for you? Why are you here?

Week 2: Attachment, the Foundation of FamilyWill you be there when I need you? Improving communication and resolving conflict. How to “show up” for your partner, your kids, and your business.

Week 3: The Molds We’re In (Family of Origin and Parenting Styles) How your family of origin shapes the kind of parent you become. Parenting style assessment. Articulating parenting differences and alignments. 

Week 4: Creating Calm - Strategies for calming down in busy, stressed families. Learning to detect the early warning signs of burnout in your family. Breathing and mindfulness strategies for kids.

Week 5: What the Hell is Work-Life Balance?Improving the day-to-day partnership. What do the kids need? Time, structure, and play. What does your relationship need? What does the business need? How to live integrated lives.

Week 6: Raising Entrepreneurial KidsParenting for creativity, ingenuity, curiosity, hard work, and autonomy.

Week 7: The Glue that Binds - Creating a strong, connected family culture. The importance of touch, stories, and play.

Week 8: Big Conversations: Making Meaning as a FamilyHow to articulate your family's “WHY,” and how to keep it at the forefront of family life.

Who Should Apply?

Entrepreneur Parents

Whether you run an online ecommerce store, software business, a law firm, or retail store... we want to build a community of entrepreneur parents.

The only qualification is that you are an entrepreneur and parent who is willing to share openly, listen respectfully, and learn collaboratively. We are inviting you into a confidential, growth-inspiring community that welcomes your successes and your struggles.

Why Should You Apply?

  • You want to invest in the success of your family — and your business.
  • You want to build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurial parents who understand where you're coming from — to share both the highs and lows of life.
  • You want help, support, and encouragement to handle the issues you face as a parent and business owner.

What FounderFamilies Is Not?

  • A mastermind or business group designed for accountability and business advice.
  • A networking group for sales and leads.
  • A place of judgment or bragging.
How Much Does It Cost?

Inaugural Rate: $899

Your FounderFamily Hosts

Dr. Sherry Walling is a licensed psychologist and the co-host of the ZenFounder podcast. Her life’s work is to help entrepreneurs and founders maximize their vocational potential while also maintaining sanity, life satisfaction, and a sense of personal fulfillment. Married to a serial tech entrepreneur, Sherry has a unique combination of psychological expertise and 17 years of experience in the trenches of the start-up world. She loves bringing these two worlds together on the podcast, in her consulting work, and as a conference speaker.

She and her husband, Rob, have two wild, charismatic boys. The Walling family can often be found paddle boarding, munching on tacos and globetrotting as much as possible.

Shawn and Kay Hesketh are the creators of WordPress 101, a popular online training site that has helped more than 1.5 million beginners learn how to build their own website using WordPress. Prior to launching WP101, Shawn worked as a freelance designer for 26 years. Kay worked as an elementary school teacher for five years before joining Shawn to run the daily operations of the design business full-time. Together, they also created an annual citywide art contest called Culture Shapers, which awarded more than a million dollars to high school art students over the span of a decade. They've been married for 22 years, and have three entrepreneurial kids, ages 14, 12, and 10.

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