Find Your Tribe


Entrepreneurship is a tough, demanding, often lonely job.

It’s filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

And the hardest part… most of your friends and family don’t understand the unique demands, responsibilities, pressures, stresses, worries and pains of entrepreneurship.

So not only is it a tough sport… it becomes an intensely lonely one too, compounding the problems, as you try to balance marriages, parenting, and a host of other things in life.

Too often we entrepreneurs just bottle all this up. We put on masks. We put on a smile, despite the adversity we deal with daily. We suffer in secret while maintaining a facade of success.

But what if you had a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, dealing with the same issues?

What if you could share openly, honestly, your struggles? What if the other folks just got you?

What if you had practical tools to deal with anxiety and debilitating worry?

What if you knew the early warning signs of burnout and could recharge yourself before it's too late?

What if you could move beyond teetering precariously between work and personal life and instead enjoy a sense of balance and integration?

What if you had a small group of trusted and like-minded peers who could encourage and build you up for 90 minutes every week?

If this is you, then we’ve created something JUST for you called ZenTribes.

What is ZenTribes?

ZenTribes are groups of 6-8 like-minded entrepreneurs walking together, sharing stories, experiences and life in order to encourage and support one another. More than a peer support group or business mastermind, a ZenTribe group is facilitated by the expertise of psychologist, Dr. Sherry Walling (ZenFounder.com), and the experiences and stories of an experienced founder. Co-facilitators include Cory Miller of iThemes.com, Shawn Hesketh of WP101 and Karim Marucchi of Crowd Favorite).

The purpose of ZenTribes is to:

  • Offer the place, people, time, and guidance to work through the unique struggles and challenges you experience as an entrepreneur
  • Build and deepen your relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Equip you to have ongoing, meaningful self-reflection and self-care practices

ZenTribes Start September 2017

The first two groups filled up in a few days. We are now accepting applications for four fall groups.

Each group will be capped at 9 people (which includes the facilitators). We’ll meet online (via Zoom). Dates and times to be announced.

What is The Meeting Format?

Here is a basic agenda for each meeting:

  • 15 minutes of introduction to a key topic
  • 60 minutes of curated discussion and sharing experiences related to the topic
  • 15 minutes of action items, resources, and suggested homework

What Topics Will Be Discussed?

We will tackle the key topics and issues that affect YOU -- the entrepreneur -- most. We will tailor the exact content of the group around the needs of the participants.

Here are some of the topics we’re preparing for:

  • Anxiety, Fear, Worry
  • Anger, Frustration
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Self reflection and self assessment
  • Loneliness and friendship
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical Health
  • Play, hobbies, fun
  • Relationships — marriage, parenting, friendships
  • Handling Criticism
  • Conflict
  • Failure & Loss

Who Should Apply?


Whether you run an online ecommerce store, software business, a law firm, or retail store... we want to build a community of entrepreneurs.

The only qualification is that you are an entrepreneur who is willing to share openly, listen respectfully, and learn collaboratively. We are inviting you into a confidential, growth-inspiring community that welcomes your successes and your struggles.

Why Should You Apply

  • You want to invest in yourself (and therefore your business)
  • You want to build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs; to share life -- the highs and lows -- together
  • You want to find help, support, encouragement to face the issues below the surface that cause you heartburn and headaches

What ZenTribes Is Not?

  • A mastermind or business group designed for accountability and advice
  • A networking group for sales and leads
  • A place of judgment or bragging
How Much Does It Cost?

Introductory Rate: $799

Learn More About ZenTribes' Hosts

We realize you might have other questions... we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page and you can also hit our contact form.

If this isn't a good time for you, be sure to hop on the ZenTribes updates list.