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Rob interviews Derrick Reimer, co-founder of Drip, about how his marriage has been a super power during his founder journey. He talks about the ways he gets support from marriage, how it has helped him be more efficient with his time, as well as some of the struggles a founder may face.

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Derrick’s Blog

In this episode of ZenFounder, Rob interviews Anna Jacobsen, head of customer success at Drip about how to deal with other people’s negativity. Anna shares her approach and insight on the matter when having to deal with dissatisfied customers.

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Rob and Sherry talk about how your key relationship can be one of your business superpowers.  Rob shares some relevant points from a book he recently read and Sherry reveals some details on her and Rob’s relationship in the early years, including how they first met.

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The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Mind


In this episode of ZenFounder, Sherry interviews Dr. Michael A. Freeman, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UC San Francisco school of medicine about the prevalence of mental health conditions in founders.

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Dr. Michael A. Freeman’s website

In this interview mashup, Sherry interviews Ken Wallace of MastermindJam, and his wife Val Wallace about the two sides of the founder/spouse relationship. They discuss some of the challenges of trying to balance work, family, and their own relationship.

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The Nights & Weekends Podcast

Rob and Sherry talk about how spending time away from the normal life routine can help increase a deeper connection with your spouse or partner. They discuss why this topic is important and tips to help make a successful weekend getaway.

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