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Becoming a Zen Founder

Even if you have a business partner. Even if you have a life partner. Even if you have a great team.

Your mind, your creativity, your motivation, your ability to execute, your belief in your business, your belief in yourself, your ability to communicate.

Your business succeeds or fails based on you.

ZenFounder can be a life raft, it can also be the boost in horsepower that helps you move quickly through the most challenging aspects of the entrepreneurial life.

Episode 139: Couples Retreat Round Up

October 13, 2017

In this episode of Zenfounder, Sherry talks with Shawn and Kay Hesketh, who were co-hosts of the ZenFounder Couples Retreat about some insights and takeaways from the event. Support ZenFounder

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We create communities, spread ideas, host events, consult- do whatever is needed to spark catalytic conversations about how to make entrepreneurship a sustainable, satisfying life.

Through events, speaking and consulting we have helped 100s of entrepreneurs, families, and companies thrive.

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We Make Life Easier

ZenFounder pairs the best in psychological theory and science with years of experience in the entrepreneurial trenches.

  • We help entrepreneurs find clarity about life and work.
  • We help entrepreneurs find personal calm in the midst of start-up chaos.
  • We help entrepreneurs cope effectively with the parts of the business that are difficult; and kill it in the parts of the business that are natural sweet spots.

Stay Sane While Starting Up

Roll with a successful founder and a clinical psychologist as they explore how to stay sane while launching your startup.