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Your mind, your creativity, your motivation, your ability to execute, your belief in your business, your belief in yourself, your ability to communicate....

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Episode 281: Thriving the Virtual Workplace with Bob Glazer

June 18, 2021

In the past 1.5 years, people have been thrust into virtual work places due to the pandemic and the question arises, what will be the new normal? Will we stay remote or be heading back to the office, and what […]

The best investment

If you think being an entrepreneur is hard, try being married to one. The stress is contangious. The schedule is demanding. The founder's mind is often churning on a business problem that's more interesting than the dishes or the parent-teacher conference.

I talk with many entrepreneurial couples who aren't having much sex, who struggle to have conversations beyond the logistics of their shared life.

Rob and I want to help offset the extra strain that entrepreneurship can have on a relationship. So we created a way for you to level up your date night.

Date Night Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs: Level Up Your Time Together

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ZenFounder pairs the best in psychological theory and science with years of experience in the entrepreneurial trenches.

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  • We help entrepreneurs cope effectively with the parts of the business that are difficult; and kill it in the parts of the business that are natural sweet spots.

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