The Zen Founder Guide to Retreats


A retreat is a powerful practice. It is not a vacation. It is not a time out. A retreat is a focused time in.

This 28-page guide + 2 worksheets outlines my best ideas for how to plan and optimize your retreat. It’s concise and yet dense with applicable strategies.

If done well, an annual retreat can be the catalyst for insight, problem solving, productivity and personal optimization.

There’s no question that a retreat should be a standard part of every entrepreneur’s annual schedule.

The Zen Founder Guide to Founder Retreats is designed to demystify retreats by providing practical strategies for retreat newbies and fresh ideas for founders who are already sold on the benefits of regular retreats.

The guide comes in three formats to best suit your reading needs: pdf, mobi and epub.



Here’s a sample of what the book covers:

  • How quiet space and contemplation can help move your business to the next level
  • Why retreats are a necessity for long-term sanity
  • The 4 steps to ensuring a successful retreat (and how to avoid the most common pitfalls)
  • Key strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of your retreat
  • Using retreats to ask and answer game-changing questions in your business and personal life
  • The list of tools for personal assessment (and how taking a personal assessment can change your game)
  • Specific retreat activities which can be tailored to your situation
  • Ideas for translating your retreat insights into action items