The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together

Learn how to master your stress, dismiss your fears and rapidly accelerate your business growth.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together

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Learn how to stay sane, keep your s**t together, and ensure both you and your business thrive for years.

You run a business. And running a business is hard. The burden of responsibility, the weight of stress and the loneliness of running your business are a far cry from your friends who work salaried jobs. The stress and loneliness are real. Sometimes too real. The path of least resistance is to let the stress and isolation of starting, running and growing a business infiltrate most aspects of your life.

Over and over we’ve watched our fellow entrepreneurs succumb to mental toll and chaos of running a business. We’ve also experienced it firsthand as we’ve launched and grown our own businesses.

Odds are good that you’ve been overwhelmed at some point.

Maybe you’ve tried talking to your spouse. That can work for a while… but your spouse is not your therapist and may not be your business partner. And placing them in these roles inevitably leads to misunderstandings, fatigue and arguments.

Maybe you’ve talked to friends. But if they aren’t entrepreneurs, they likely don’t understand what you’re going through.

Or maybe you’ve read self help books only to find that books about stress management typically don’t take into account the unique experience of entrepreneurs. Or they’re ‘lifehacks’ written by a blogger with no formal training or credentials, offering advice based on anecdotes, not science.

This is why we wrote

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your S**t Together: How to Run Your Business Without Letting it Run You.

This book is a focused, practical, researched guide written by people with the training, experience and expertise to speak directly to entrepreneurs...

Sherry is a clinical psychologist and an entrepreneur. Most people call her Dr. Walling or just Doc.

Rob is a serial entrepreneur who has launched, grown and sold multiple startups over the past 17 years.

At this point we’ve pretty much seen it all (well, maybe not everything - but we’ve seen a lot) through our conversations with thousands of entrepreneurs via:

We’ve seen the patterns that bring entrepreneurs down time and again. But we’ve also discovered the strategies, tactics, and techniques that have helped entrepreneurs like you triumph over the struggles of running a business. And that’s what’s in this book.

That’s why we sat down to write this book... to share the successful patterns we’ve observed from thousands of entrepreneurs: the strategies, tactics and techniques they use to triumph over the treacherous journey of running a business.

Who is this book for?


You might call yourself a founder, a CEO, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a maker or something else completely. The term isn’t important.

The common thread that weaves through each of these roles are the responsibilities that you carry, the challenges you face, the mental struggles you must overcome, and the stress and isolation created by your business.

Whether you run a startup, a software company, a restaurant, a medical practice, a law firm, a consulting business, or make your living as a freelance writer, designer or coder… this book is your guide to keeping your life and business together as you navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of entrepreneurship.

Why do I need this book?

You want to invest in yourself (and consequently, your business).

You want to learn proven strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges that cause you heartburn and headaches.

You want to stop snapping at your family get off the treadmill of stress, fatigue and isolation.

You want to prevent burnout, avoid the emergence of damaging coping strategies and navigate around self-sabotage.

Every aspect of this book combines psychological expertise with decades of entrepreneurial experience.

What will I take away?

  • New ways to deal with the freedom, responsibility and existential fear that go along with being an entrepreneur
  • How to overcome the single biggest challenge every entrepreneur faces
  • How a single shift in mindset can make a lifelong difference in your success, happiness and fulfillment
  • Why knowing yourself and where you came from is crucial to your success
  • How to succeed as an entrepreneur no matter your personality type
  • How to keep stress from ruining your life and relationships
  • Identifying and dealing with depression, anxiety, burnout, ADHD and other common psychological burdens
  • How to get more things done – and faster – by dealing with procrastination, distraction and muddled priorities
  • Staying connected with your significant other, friends and key colleagues
  • How to deal with overwhelming success and (seemingly) massive failures
  • How to find personal calm in the midst of chaos
  • And much more...
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