Founders Can Take Vacations Too: Why Breaks are Crucial For Performance

Founders vacations

Remember vacations? Time out, beachside cocktails, relaxing vistas… For many startup founders, vacations are a distant memory, something that other people get to do because we simply don’t have time for that. Our own teams are afforded nice vacation packages, but if we were to take them, who’s left steering the ship? It’s not just […]

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LTV Conference

LTV Conf is a conference planning to bring together the brightest minds in SaaS. Currently hosted in London, the European SaaS capital, this 2 day event brings industry leaders together in an intimate setting. If you’re a SaaS founder who has found initial traction and wants to take your business to the next level, LTV […]

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Elevate Leaders

It’s a tech conference that isn’t a tech conference There is an epidemic in the tech industry and it’s called bad leadership. Being a startup leader often means you’re way out in the ocean all alone. Even the smallest failure may feel infinite. The highs and lows are shocking and sudden. We’re going to change this trend by helping young […]

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